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Top 5 Exercises With Dumbbells and Elastic Bands to Train Your Back at Home and in the Gym

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The back is a muscle group that undoubtedly stands out for its large size and hypertrophy potential .

The problem is that there are quite a few of us who have had to resign ourselves to training at home, and obviously we do not have as much material as what is available in a gym.

For this reason, this time we are going to teach you five exercises that will help you develop your back muscles and for which you will only need to have a pair of dumbbells and a rubber band .

Top 5 Exercises With Dumbbells and Elastic Bands to Train Your Back at Home and in the Gym

1. Decline Dumbbell Row.

The decline row with dumbbells is one of the exercises with which you will best isolate the muscles of your back, since being supported you will not be able to cheat.

To do this, you will need to support your chest on an inclined surface and from there you will only have to do a conventional row , seeking to bring the dumbbells towards your hips.

2. Unilateral Pull with Rubber.

Another exercise that will allow you to isolate your back very well and that will allow you to especially polish the last stretch of the route is the unilateral pull-up with rubber.

In this exercise you will have to place one end of the rubber band on an elevated surface (a door frame, for example), and from there, whether standing or sitting, you will have to try to bring the rubber band towards your collarbone.

3. Rubber seated row.

If you don’t have a pulley and still want to do an exercise very similar to seated rowing with a pulley, you can do it with a rubber band and you will see that the sensation is very similar.

Remember that to do it well you will have to prevent the lower back from arching when performing the eccentric phase , you will have to try to generate some tension in the abdominal area, and you will have to always bring the rubber to your hips, not to your chest.

4. Renegade row.

The renegade row is a very effective exercise to stimulate your entire torso, since in the pushing phase you will be working mainly the chest and triceps, and in the pulling phase you will be working your back and biceps.

In addition, the shoulder and abdomen will be stimulated at all times .

You will have to start lying face down with the dumbbells on the floor held shoulder-width apart. From there, do a conventional push-up and when you reach the point of maximum height, row with one of the dumbbells.

5. Pullover with rubber.

The pullover is an exercise where shoulder extension is worked on at its maximum, since this is the gesture that we will have to carry out to perform the concentric phase.

To do this, we will have to hang the rubber band at a very high point that allows us to grab it and from there we will flex our hips until the torso is perpendicular or almost perpendicular to the ground , and at that point we will try to bring our hand up to the hip.

Bottom Line.

Transform your again power with these simple yet effective physical activities using dumbbells and elastic bands. Whether you are at home or in the gym, these versatile tools can sculpt and reinforce your lower back muscle groups like in no way earlier than. So, get equipped to experience the burn and witness the consequences as you take your health journey to new heights.

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