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3 Variations of the Squat to Intensify Your Glute and Leg Work

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The squat is one of the most common exercises in the world when it comes to leg work, especially when we talk about training the quadriceps.

3 Variations of the Squat to Intensify Your Glute and Leg Work.

Since there are many different variants of this exercise, it is advisable that you know these three so that you can stimulate your muscles in a different way depending on what suits you best.

1. Goblet squat, to emphasize the legs.

In the goblet squat , or goblet squat, we will move the load forward compared to a conventional squat, so that the stimulus will move towards the knee extensors, thus subtracting some involvement of the gluteus in the exercise.

We will have to keep the kettlebell or dumbbell that we use in the exercise close to our chest, since if we move it away from our body our lower back will have to support a larger arm at the moment and it is quite likely that we will end up hurting ourselves or that our performance will be limited. .

Therefore, if we want to emphasize the work on our quadriceps, a good way to do it is by choosing this type of squat , although you must keep in mind that it will not be as easy for you to progress in it as in a conventional squat.

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2. Overhead squat, for a more comprehensive work.

This exercise requires great strength in the trapezius and shoulders, which of course will be the limiting factor in the exercise , but which will nevertheless allow us to include a large amount of muscle mass in the movement.

Although it is a complex movement to learn, execute, and improve, it is also true that it can become a very useful exercise if we have little time and want to achieve a much more global stimulus.

Specifically, the gluteus may also be somewhat more stimulated since it will have to be activated for us to remain stable, and the fact is that keeping the bar above our head will require greater stability from our entire body.

3. ATG squat, for greater glute work.

Although the hip thrust is a considerably better exercise than the squat for working the gluteus, there are some variants, such as the ATG, that can improve the activation of this muscle compared to the conventional squat.

In the ATG squat our main objective will be to increase the depth we reach when flexing the knee . We will try to lower our body as much as possible until our gluteus is practically in contact with the ground.

Of course this movement is very complex, and requires great mobility in the ankles, knees and hips, so it is not for everyone, but of course if you are interested in increasing the activation of your glutes in this exercise, increasing the depth can be something very effective.

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