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Train at Noon: A Quick Gym Routine to Train Your Entire Body in Record Time

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Time is very important in everyday life, and sometimes it is what we lack. For this reason, many people leave training aside, since the work routine and family matters usually leave us with little time for ourselves. In order to achieve this, we want to stop at a quick routine to train our entire body at midday.

Midday is usually a time when the vast majority of us have free time to eat, but we almost always have more time. Therefore, it is important that we make the most of our time and to achieve this it is necessary that we know how we can do it in the best possible way and in the shortest time.

There are countless routines when it comes to working the body, but we want to focus on a specific one to work all parts of the body. It is necessary that we be very clear about each of the exercises in order to be able to perform the routine without any difficulty, and make the most of the time we are going to dedicate to training. Training at midday with a full-body routine will help us make the most of our time and be in top shape.

In the routine that we want to present below, we are going to keep in mind the entire body and each of its parts. To do this, what we will do is make a kind of circuit that we will develop in a short time, and that will allow us to keep our muscles in tune. Although it will be a full-body routine to do in a short time, it does not mean that we will not work the entire body properly.

We are going to perform the different exercises, mostly with our own body, so that we do not have to wait at the gym and it takes longer to complete the training. What we will do is work with weight to maintain good muscle stimulation, but this does not mean that the result will not be the same.

The weight with which we are going to train will be free, that is, we will do it with dumbbells or kettlebells, and depending on our strength, skill, and the objectives we want to achieve, we will use one load or another. In the end, we must be aware of our possibilities and the limitations we have. The important thing is to perform the exercises correctly, regardless of the weight.

A Quick Gym Routine to Train Your Entire Body in Record Time.

Forward lunge to work the lower body.

First of all we are going to start with the lower body . A simple exercise like the forward lunge. To do this, we will need two dumbbells, which we will hold with each of the hands on each side of the body. The starting position will be standing, looking forward, with your back straight and your arms relaxed with the dumbbells, since they will only be a support.

In this position, what we will do is put one foot forward, so that it is completely supported on the ground. At the same time we bring it forward, we will keep the other foot behind, supported by the toe and as stretched as we can. To do this, what we will do is bend the knee of the front foot, so that we do not go over the tip of the foot with our knee. The stride will make us work the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings at the same time

When performing this movement, it is necessary that we lower our body, but keep our back straight and look forward. When we have descended, we will rise again, to return to the initial position, and perform the same movement, but with the other leg. That is, we must execute this movement alternately and affecting each muscle of the leg that we are going to work, since we will activate the glutes, the quadriceps and to a lesser extent the hamstrings.

Hip raise with dumbbells to work the glutes.

Secondly, we will do an exercise to work the glutes . This is the dumbbell hip raise. For this we will need a bench to support our back. We will place ourselves with our backs, face up, leaning on the bench. We are going to position the dumbbells over the pelvis, held in each hand.

In this position, we will place our feet on the ground and our knees bent, since we must start with our back straight and parallel to the ground. In this position we will perform a movement in which we will only involve the hips and glutes. It will be a pelvis movement through which we will throw it back and raise it upward, by contracting the glutes. The movement of this exercise will be concentrated in the hips and the contraction of the glutes, which will be the ones that withstand all the tension

We are not going to move the back and legs, it will only be the pelvis part. The dumbbells will remain stationary in this part. To achieve the best results, we must concentrate the tension on the glutes. To achieve this, it will be enough to perform the movement and keep these muscles contracted for a few seconds when rising.

Chest press on the floor to work the chest, shoulder and triceps.

Thirdly, we will perform an exercise for the chest , shoulders and triceps. This is the chest press on the floor. To do this we will lean on the ground on our backs and face up. With each hand we will hold a dumbbell that we will place at chest height. We will place the legs bent at the knees, since they will only be a point of support.

In this position, we will start from chest height with each of the dumbbells. Only the pectoral muscles, shoulders and triceps will act. The rest of the body will be still and will simply serve as support. To do this we will contract the pectoral muscles and perform a simple triangle-shaped movement.The movement that we are going to perform will start from the chest and will be performed describing a kind of imaginary triangle to contract the pectoral muscles.

The dumbbells will start from the sides and we will raise them upward until they meet in the center. This is what we said before, the movement will be triangular, slow and concentrated on the muscles we want to work.

Renegade row to work your back, shoulders and abs.

As a fourth alternative, we are going to stop at the renegade row, or reverse row. For this exercise , in which we are going to work the abdominals, upper back, shoulders and arms, we will need two dumbbells and our own body.

We will place ourselves face down. In each hand we will have a dumbbell that we will use as support on the floor, with our arms stretched. The body will be completely straight, and we will only support ourselves with the tips of our feet. The form will be completely plank, so the abdominal work will be complete, since it is necessary that we remain stable and with the abdominal wall contracted. We will row with each of the hands and work the abdominal wall by placing ourselves in this position.

Positioned in this way, we will act with our arms, since, with one of them, we will raise the dumbbell as if we were rowing. The way to do it will be by bending the elbow, and without separating the arm from the trunk, we will raise the dumbbell laterally. To do this we will activate the back muscles. We must execute the same movement with each hand to affect both parts of the body.

Kneeling shoulder press to work this part of the body.

Another exercise that we are going to highlight is the kneeling shoulder press. With it we will work the shoulder muscles . To do this we will use a dumbbell in each hand or a kettlebell. In this way, we will place one of the dumbbells in each hand, and we will stand on our knees, with our backs straight.

Starting from this position, we will place each arm with the dumbbell, at shoulder height. This will be the starting position. From here, we will raise the load above the head, making a triangular movement. That is, we will start from the shoulders, and when lifting we will try to bring the dumbbells together in the center, above the head. We will raise the load above the head, activating the shoulder muscles. 

We are going to do the movement by activating the shoulder muscles, since they will be the ones that will maintain and withstand all the tension of the exercise. It is important that we execute a slow and concentrated movement to achieve the best results when it comes to including it in the training routine.

Dead bug with dumbbells to work the abdominals, obliques and lats.

Lastly, we are going to stop at an exercise that will help us work the abdominals , lats and obliques. This is the dead bug with dumbbells. To do this we will lie on our backs on the floor. With each hand we will hold a dumbbell that we will place with our arms stretched upward. The legs will start drawn up towards the trunk.

In this position we will begin to perform the exercise, since we must maintain good coordination between the different parts of the body. To do this, what we will do is alternate the movement of the left leg with the right arm, and vice versa. But the movement is important that we execute it in the correct way.Coordination is essential in this exercise. In this way we will achieve a good impact on the parts worked on.

With the dumbbell in our hand, we will take our arm back, that is, we will stretch it, while we do the same with the opposite leg. We will alternate this movement with the other arm and the other leg, in order to achieve the effect we are looking for with the movement. When performing it, we must focus on the abdominal part and the shoulders, which will be the ones that will mainly act in this exercise.

We recommend doing four sets of about ten or twelve repetitions, and therefore, the load we are going to use must be appropriate. But if what we want is to achieve greater hypertrophy, it is advisable to increase the load and decrease the repetitions. Either way, it will be a good midday routine to do.

Its execution will not take us more than forty minutes, and for this reason it is essential not to rest too much between series and series, and to know each of the exercises that we are going to carry out, so as not to stop thinking about what we have to do now. Practicing its execution beforehand is essential. For this reason, the first few days we will not perform the routine properly, but little by little we will manage to master it and perform it in the best possible way.

Bottom Line.

A quick gym routine targeting the complete body offers a handy and effective manner to improve overall fitness. By incorporating compound sporting activities and that specialize in key muscle businesses, such routines can maximize consequences in minimum time. Consistency and proper form are important for seeing development and keeping off injury. So, whether or not you are a beginner or pro gym-goer, this technique assist you to acquire your fitness dreams efficaciously.

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