Our Review Board

Our FitToFar Expert Review Board consists of certified physicians, nutritionists, dietitians, and fitness professionals. They thoroughly assess our content to ensure it is reliable, supported by evidence, and aligned with current perspectives on fitness and nutrition. By doing so, this review board ensures the accuracy, timeliness, and relevance of our articles for our readers. To maintain the integrity of the content, they meticulously evaluate it based on citation-based evidence and modern scientific practices. Additionally, the input from our specialized panel of beauty and wellbeing experts enhances and enhances the overall quality of our material.

Our Expert Review Board Team.

Fiora Touliatou, Yoga Instructor

As a self-employed individual, Fiora’s expertise spans a spectrum of holistic health practices, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Read More.

Helen Wright
Helen Wright, Yoga Instructor

Helen’s dedication to both education and mindfulness is evident in her roles at Swansea University and her personal venture, Soul Full – Yoga with Helen. Read More.

Lizzie Gibbons, Yoga Instructor

Lizzie’s commitment to the practice of yoga and meditation extends beyond physical postures, emphasizing holistic well-being. Read More.

Sharon Clare
Sharon Clare, Fitness Instructor

Sharon is dedicated to guiding individuals on their fitness journeys, helping them achieve their health and wellness goals. Read More.

Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson, Fitness Instructor

Charlie is the driving force behind Muscle Intelligence and Charlie Johnson Fitness, where he specializes in assisting time-restrained professionals and executives in achieving their fitness goals efficiently. Read More.

Mark Bryce
Mark Bryce, Fitness Instructor

Mark’s expertise is underscored by his Home Study Degree, reflecting his commitment to continuous learning in the field of body transformation. Read More.

Rhiannon Lambert
Rhiannon Lambert, Nutritionist

Rhiannon’s influence extends beyond her clinic as a Sunday Times Best Selling Author and the creator of the enlightening Food For Thought Podcast. Read More.

Jennifer Hargreaves, Nutritionist

Jennifer’s work in the field of Nutrition Science showcases her passion for promoting health and well-being. Read More.

Charles Ashford, Nutritionist

Charles plays a crucial role in the team’s pursuit of excellence, ensuring that nutrition aligns seamlessly with the demanding requirements of professional sports. Read More.


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