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How to Start Doing Romanian Deadlifts If You Are a Beginner?

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The Romanian deadlift can be a great exercise for working the hamstrings and the entire posterior chain in general.

If you are considering including it in your training routine but you still don’t fully dare, we are going to give you some guidelines so you can do it correctly.

How to Start Doing Romanian Deadlifts If You Are a Beginner?

Don’t start the house with the roof.

The Romanian deadlift can be very effective for the hamstrings , yes, but it is advisable that you have already strengthened them previously since this exercise can generate a lot of muscle damage.

Therefore, before starting to do it directly you should strengthen your hamstrings to avoid possible complications. A simple hamstring curl on a machine or a Nordic curl can help you do this perfectly.

Try other variants first.

The Romanian deadlift can be a somewhat aggressive and complex variation, especially for beginners , since it requires a lot of hamstring control to prevent the knee from bending during the eccentric phase .

If you think that you may still have trouble doing the Romanian deadlift well, try doing other easier variations such as the conventional or the sumo . They will help you become stronger so that you can adapt better to the Romanian deadlift later on.

The correct technique of the Romanian deadlift.

To do the Romanian deadlift correctly, place your feet at the width of your hips, preferably use a mixed grip (since it is the one that will allow you to lift with greater safety), and hold the bar firmly but without trying to pull it with your arms. .

From there try to extend the hips without flexing the trunk at any time, so that the spine does not arch. Raise the bar until you are completely standing and do not hyperextend your hips at the end of the movement.

Keep these considerations in mind.

Doing the Romanian deadlift well can be complex, so keep these tips in mind:

  • Maintain the neutrality of the column at all times ; flex only the hips, and only slightly the knees as well.
  • It will be vital that you maintain some tension in the core, and for this it will help you to inhale very deeply before starting the concentric phase , holding the air.
  • Your lower back, your glutes and your abdomen will help you a lot to stay stable during the exercise. Warm them up, but don’t over-fatigue them before doing the deadlift.
  • Work with the bar or dumbbells as close to your legs as possible . This will reduce damage to your lower back .
  • Don’t get used to wearing a belt. Reserve it only for the most demanding lifts.
  • Keep in mind that the greater the weight displaced, the more difficult it will be to maintain the quality of the technique. Be conservative and start by polishing your technique as much as possible with a weight that allows you to do so.
Bottom Line.

Beginning Romanian deadlifts as a novice requires attention to form, gradual weight development, and patience. Focus on mastering the right method to prevent harm and maximize effectiveness. Begin with lighter weights, steadily increasing as you construct energy and confidence. With consistency and willpower, Romanian deadlifts can turn out to be a treasured addition to your health ordinary, selling electricity and balance in your posterior chain muscles.

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