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Charleroi Women’s Team Withdraws From Super League

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porting de Charleroi announced on Tuesday that its women’s team would no longer play in the Super League next season. The Zebras regretted having to make this decision for their Zebrettes but mentioned in a press release new requirements which they considered impossible to follow ” whether in terms of organizational structure (increased number of qualified coaches in the supervisory staff, number of professional contracts within the squad, appointment of a CEO for the women’s section, etc.) or infrastructure works ( resizing of playing fields, increase in lighting, lack of pitches, etc.) . 

All this  combined with “ a lack of recurring audience and commercial income ” which pushed Charleroi to withdraw from the Super League because it was impossible to be able to take on the project economically.

The Carolo women’s team, however, does not disappear completely since it will play in the second division next season. “ We understand that this announcement can disappoint some, but we are convinced enough that it is the best decision made for the future of women’s football within Sporting de Charleroi ,” insists Sporting.

“ We will continue to support and promote women’s football in our region and beyond by analyzing in the future the projects that will develop there ”, we can also read in the press release from Sporting which sets an appointment you to its supporters in the second division.

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