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Bologna Beats Juventus Twice in a Fiery First Half in the Italian League

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he Bologna team advanced against Juventus with a score of 2-0 during the first half of their match currently being held, at the “Renato Dallara” stadium, as part of the matches of the thirty-seventh round of the Italian League competitions for the current season 2023-24.

Bologna vs Juventus.

The first half goals were scored by Ricardo Calafiore and Santiago Castro in the 2nd and 11th minutes, respectively, for Bologna. The two teams are equal in number of points, and Bologna is ahead of Juventus by only three goals, as the Bologna team occupies third place in the Calcio table with 67 points collected from 36 matches, where it won 18, tied in 13, lost 5 confrontations, scored 51 goals, conceded 27, and scored 24 goals.

While Juventus is in fourth place with the same score of 67 points and also the same numbers, collected from 36 matches, where it achieved 18 wins, 13 draws, and 5 defeats, scoring 49 goals, conceding 28 goals, and having 21 goals.

The Bologna team is armed, with the stadium and the crowd, to achieve victory and collect the three match points to come close to clinching third place in the Italian League standings , especially since it also has the chance of a draw as it is ahead of its guest by 3 goals.

Bologna Beats Juventus Twice in a Fiery First Half in the Italian League.

While the Juventus team aspires to achieve a positive result by winning and snatching the three points of the match to secure third place in its favour, as Juventus enters the match ecstatic after winning the Italian Cup title.

Juventus won the Italian Cup for the 15th time in its history, as it’s considered the record holder with 15 crowns, out of 21 tests, in this edition of the 76th event, and 16 brigades won the title, of which 11 won it further than formerly.

The Italian club Juventus appointed Paolo Montero, the coach of the youth team, as coach to lead the first team during the coming period until the end of the season, succeeding Massimiliano Allegri, who left his position.

Allegri had achieved a historic record at the Italian Cup level, after he became the coach with the most titles in the competition, with 5 titles.

Paolo Montero, coach of the under-19 team, will lead Juventus during the remaining two matches of the season, after Allegri’s dismissal, and the administration is also considering appointing Thiago Motta as coach of the Bologna team permanently.

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