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Analysis: Atlético-mg is Suffocated by Sport, Has a Worse Performance With Milito and is Only Positive for the Vacancy

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Atlético -MG only takes one positive thing from the game against Sport: the classification. With the victory in the first leg, Galo came through despite the 1-0 defeat, on Wednesday, at Arena Pernambuco. On the field, the team experienced its worst performance under the command of Gabriel Milito.

After having a full week to work, the coaching staff made changes compared to the last game. In defense, Lemos replaced Bruno Fuchs – on the bench – due to illness. In the middle, Scarpa returned to the right side. In attack, Vargas replaced Hulk.

The base remained the same, the performance did not. The dominant Atlético, with more possession and control of the match, was not seen on the field. Sport played this role. This went from marking the Alvinegro team’s ball out to the offensive volume produced by the opponent.

The offensive production soon paid off. After 13 minutes, while recovering the ball, Barletta was called in from the right, adjusted and had a deflection to open the score.

The red-black blitz continued even after the goal. Milito’s men only managed to work the ball and create danger 30 minutes into the first half. It ended with a shot from Scarpa.

— We expected a tough and difficult game. But we didn’t think that the rival would control us the way he controlled us. We were unable to impose our game, as we often do. They surpassed us clearly — said Milito.

Milito returned from the break with two changes: Igor Gomes and Lemos left, Rômulo and Igor Rabello entered. The change made Battaglia – in the role of defender – occupy the position of first midfielder. Alan Franco and Zaracho were further ahead.

Analysis: Atlético-mg is Suffocated by Sport, Has a Worse Performance With Milito and is Only Positive for the Vacancy.

The scenario didn’t change, it continued. Sport maintained its offensive strength, but without taking advantage of the opportunities created. Atlético – on the ropes of the ‘ring’ – held the advantage by one goal. Without attacking, having a counterattack or any sigh of reaction.

That breather came after 10 minutes. Paulinho received a good ball near the area. He adjusted, cleared the marking and finished perfectly to score a great goal. It was what Galo needed. However, after going to the VAR, referee Bráulio da Silva Machado decided to cancel the goal after identifying a foul at the beginning of the play.

Needing to score a goal, Sport maintained its offensive strength. On the other side, Alvinegro adjusted their marking better on the sides. He did it better when Cadu and Alisson entered the game.

— We returned with Igor Rabello and Rômulo to restructure the team. Tactically, we remained equal, and we became stronger in this part of the field. We had Battaglia and Alan Franco in contention to control Sport’s attacks. We weren’t doing that well in the first half.

The exchanges did not take away the rival’s volume, but they prevented clear chances as occurred in the first half. The design remained until the last minute – after ten minutes of additions. And Atlético secured a place in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil.

Nothing is taken away other than the result. It was an Atlético without Milito’s face for the first time. And this was recognized by the coach himself. And the vacancy was barely saved.

It was clear that Otávio – injured – was missing in midfield. Without having a player with these characteristics, the coach looked for other options in the middle so as not to remove Battaglia from the defense. He weighed it down, and Rooster couldn’t bear it.

  • A game to draw many negative conclusions that are sometimes necessary for improvements. I don’t want that to happen. But, when this happens, we have to take advantage of it and see it as a learning experience – concluded the coach.

Loss of Jemerson, traded, injuries, and the absences for the Copa América without the Brasileirão stopping need to make Galo reflect. The field carries important signs that pass through the transfer window in the middle of the year.

Until then, the group has some more time to work and get back on track to winning ways.

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