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“Catastrophe!” Even if There is “Nothing to Be Gained”

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“That would be a catastrophe.” ORF commentator Ernst Hausleitner did not hold back with his opinion. During the live broadcast of the third training session, he discussed with his “co-driver” Alex Wurz the possible end of Monaco as a Formula 1 venue after 2025.

“Catastrophe!” Even if There is “Nothing to Be Gained”.

The contract will run until 2025. And then? Uncertain as yet. A departure of Formula 1 from the principality is currently being discussed loudly. “It would not change anything about the fame and finances of Formula 1,” Wurz said. “For me it would still be a shame.” Hausleitner interrupted him: “A catastrophe.” Like “cutting off roots,” Wurz added.

“But you still need it”.

But one thing is clear: “Monaco is definitely the location that pays the least to Formula 1. So there’s nothing to be gained here,” said Hausleitner. And he concluded with a clear plea: “But we still need it.”
The classic has been part of the calendar every year since 1955, but its future is only secured until 2025. Negotiations beyond that are considered difficult. Tradition speaks in favor of further races, and the challenges on the narrow streets are followed even by people who otherwise have little to do with the horsepower scene. Then there is the glamour factor. Hardly any other sporting event is as much in the focus of the rich and beautiful as this race weekend on the Cote d’Azur. The fans also appreciate the expensive but unique experience with special proximity to the track.

Too little tension.

A big problem is the lack of excitement on race day. On the shortest track of the season, 3,337 meters long, overtaking is almost impossible on the asphalt strip, which is no more than ten meters wide. This is not only due to the ever-wider cars, but also to the organizers’ unwillingness to change anything. Adjustments to the course seem feasible. For example, there is the possibility of designing a zone in the area of ​​the famous swimming pool to make overtaking easier, but this has always been rejected so far. And so the person who starts from first place often wins. In the 23 races this century, this scenario has occurred 13 times.

The signs of the times for the Premier League point to expansion, with risky new competitions entering the market and old ones needing to maintain their dominance. Monaco enjoyed the financial advantage of paying lower entry fees than other places. “Monaco is there because of its culture and its history. That’s all,” Red Bull team boss Christian Horner said. “Even the crown jewels have to keep up with the times. If you keep standing, you will fall back. “This criticism is not a mistake. The Automobile Club de Monaco has been criticized in Formula 1 for its sometimes arrogant actions as an organizer.

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